Permeable Resin Bound Paving in Caldecott

Permeable Resin Bound Paving in Caldecott

We offer permeable surfacing designs for SuDS compliant areas which assist with water drainage as well as providing a decorative look for paths or driveways.

Porous Stone Surfaces in Caldecott

Porous Stone Surfaces in Caldecott

Our porous gravel paving comes in a number of natural stone colours and we can install it onto existing tarmac and concrete surfaces as a durable and long lasting finish.

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Permeable Resin Bound Paving in Caldecott

We are specialists in installing permeable resin bound paving in Caldecott LE16 8 to a variety of outdoor surfaces including pathways, driveways, car parks, tree pits and swimming pool surrounds.

This resin bound gravel surface specification is made using natural stone aggregate which is combined with a special resin to stick all the stones together so they can then be laid out onto a sub base of either macadam or concrete. The permeable paving is ideal for urban areas as the system is SuDS compliant so water can quickly and efficiently drain through instead of building over the paving.


Please contact our team if you have any questions about the gravel surfaces we can provide There is a wide range of colour choices and different specifications that we can use for this type of paving so feel free to let us know what type of design you are looking for. Just fill in the contact box on this page to get in touch with us and discuss the costs today.

What are SuDS Compliant Stone Surfaces?

SuDS compliant stone surfaces have a porous flooring design which meets the Sustainable Urban Drainage System standards. This means that water will pass through them and into the ground below instead of sitting on top of a surface and creating puddles or flooding.

The decorative stone surfacing design near me can come in a range of colour options with natural aggregate mixes so you can fully customise the final look of the permeable resin bound paving. Premium surfacing designs are installed using two sizes of gravel aggregate to create a more stable and durable surface. If the gaps between the stones are too large and not compacted enough, the layers can start to collapse under heavy use from vehicles. This is why the premium stone specification is perfect for outdoor areas like car parks and vehicle access routes as the smaller pieces of gravel fill in any large gaps and this prevents the surfacing from sinking under pressure.

Porous Surfacing Installation

Due to its porous qualities, this specification of flooring helps to reduce flooding in urban areas by allowing rain water to soak into the surface. This stops it from sitting on top of the ground or running downhill into other places with housing or commercial buildings. These qualities help with draining the water away which means the specification is compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. Read more about the other surfaces here is has interesting information.

Resin Bound Porous Surfacing in Caldecott

As well as providing efficient water drainage to reduce the risk of flooding, resin bound gravel porous surfacing in Caldecott LE16 8 is an ideal decorative flooring option for many commercial and domestic projects. The  permeable resin natural stone system along with the solid sub base is very durable and long lasting, requiring little maintenance to keep it looking great and draining properly to help the upkeep of the surrounding areas.

It is advised that the surface is regularly brushed to remove any dirt or organic matter which could get stuck within the pores and prevent water from draining properly. The bound stone surfacing creates an attractive and natural looking outdoor area for many purposes including driveways, public paths, access routes, pool surrounds and many other decorative surfaces. Find out more about our services by filling out our contact form and speak to our specialists.

Permeable Paving Installers Near Me

You will find a number of installers across the UK to help you create the perfect area whether it is for your driveway, patio or even pool surround. Our team can offer the best installations and can provide you with top quality services.


As local permeable paving installers, we are industry experts for nearby resin bound gravel facilities and urban drainage surfaces, if you require any advice or you have questions about our services which are available, please just let use know and we will get in touch with you. We would also be able to supply you with case studies of previous projects we have carried out, this will show you the high standard of work our team finished to.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Our team of expert installers would be happy to answer any questions you have with regards to the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and different colour options we have available. There are plenty of permeable products to choose from so just let us know what kind of sustainable urban outdoor surface you are looking to have so we can match your ideas with the closest similar products.

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We have installed many porous stone flooring systems nearby in a variety of specifications and area sizes and we would be happy to assist you on creating the perfect design for your enquiry. You can fill in our contact form with your details and some information in regards to your project and we’ll get back to you with a price quotation and some product sheets for these decorative surfacing specifications. Please also take a look at this page and a look around the rest of our website if you’re interested in finding out more about the different uses of permeable resin bound paving in Caldecott LE16 8 and the types of installations we regularly complete.

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