Resin Bonded Surfaces in Bluntshay

Resin Bonded Surfaces in Bluntshay

If you need to install a pathway which has an attractive design as well as slip resistant properties, the resin bonded flooring would be perfect for this.

Outdoor Surfacing Specialists in Bluntshay

Outdoor Surfacing Specialists in Bluntshay

There are many uses for this surfacing which include footpaths, roadways, patios, flat roofs, cycle paths and driveways which can be great for everyone.

Resin Bonded Paving  in Bluntshay

Resin Bonded Paving in Bluntshay

We can offer you a range of colours, sizes and designs of the resin bonded paving so you are sure to find the most suitable surface for you.

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Resin Bonded Surfaces in Bluntshay

In appearance resin bonded surfaces in Bluntshay DT6 6 resemble loose stone but without the problems of shifting stone and heavy maintenance. This surfacing has a textured appearance that is laid by scattering the aggregate and gravel onto a layer of resin. The method of applying scattered stone flooring means that the finished surface has a rough texture.

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Feel free to contact our team if you are interested in the different paving systems that we offer for driveways and paths. This bonded stone system comes in a range of colour choices to suit your preferences, find out more about this surfacing here Complete the enquiry form on this page to get in touch with us and talk about prices for installing these surfaces.

What are the Benefits of Resin Bonded Gravel?

The benefits of resin bonded gravel are that the surfacing will have excellent anti-slip qualities, long lasting, it also has a rough texture which makes it look more natural, it's available in a range of colours as well as designs and it can be installed on a non-porous sub base. The installation process is not as complicated as it can be for a screeded area and this is because the stone is scattered, it also makes it a cheaper alternative to other paving.

Stone Flooring Specifications

The specialist stone flooring specifications system uses a tough polyurethane resin applied to concrete or tarmac to hold the stone or gravel aggregate in place. Its appearance is similar to a loose aggregate but without the problems of losing stone particles. These flooring specifications are very durable and paths & drives, this system can provide a skid resistant finish for disabled ramps. The resin-bonded surfaces have a textured finish which means they are ideal for using on sloping driveways or paths to enhance the safety qualities.

Professional Gravel Installers

There are many natural coloured aggregates to choose from when installing the bonded gravel flooring. Our professional gravel installers near me can supply details of every design and colour option that you could have for your driveway or path in Bluntshay DT6 6 to help you decide. You can completely customise the overall design to suit your colour preferences and the different qualities you need.

Outdoor Surfacing Specialists Near Me

This type of outdoor surfacing has many uses such as foot paths, roadways, patios, flat roofs, cycle paths, driveways or surrounding areas and general outdoor decorative paving This type of surface also have a lot of advantages which it why it is a great surface to have. It is durable, hard wearing, low maintenance, decorative, visually pleasing, anti-skid, non-slip surfaces and long lasting.

All the benefits for the surfacing will improve how your outdoor flooring looks and works. The scattered gravel systems are extremely low maintenance but you should always follow the instructions given by the resin manufacturer to maintain the area, normally a gentle power wash is all that is required to clean the surfaces. It's important to regularly brush the surfaces to remove dirt and debris, ensuring that the flooring doesn't get contaminated and lose its decorative properties.

Resin Bonded Paving Design in Bluntshay

The paving design has a large range of colours and styles for you to choose from and we can also create bespoke colours for each project so that you are able to get the pathway that is closest to what you imagined. A number of stones can also be coloured to let customers have full control over the flooring designs and the look they want. The resin bonded paving design will obviously influence the prices, costs and quotes of the project so having multiple colours isn't advised because this will increase the prices to install.


This kind of surfacing is often used in many local facilities, such as schools, private homes, public pathways, driveways and their surrounding areas. This is because the specification lends itself well for decorative pathways, walkways, footpaths and recreational areas. It adds an attractive design element and also being slip resistant to prevent injuries even during wet weather.

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Our local expert installers have completed many projects for nearby domestic and public facilities to install these decorative paving solutions. We'd be happy to offer you all the information you need regarding costs and different specifications for this product, as well as information about permeability We can also provide a quote for any specific projects you're looking to have carried out. Please fill in our contact from to receive more information on the resin bonded surfaces in Bluntshay DT6 6 that we can install.

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